About Anna

Except for a few teen years in Metchosin, I grew up on a tiny island with a population of about 150 people. The island was accessible only by a five-car ferry that stopped running at midnight. After that, no emergency vehicles (or anyone else) could get to us until morning. It was, and still is, prime agricultural land; we raised cattle briefly and then sheep. At one point we had as many sheep as there were people on the island.
I know island life and I know rural.

I left the island for university, getting a Master’s degree in History (Carleton), and a Master’s in Public Administration (Dalhousie), graduating with the Merklinger Award for Public Policy. For many years I worked for the federal government in Vancouver, in policy research, program management and planning. I got to work on community-based programs at Health Canada, such as early child development, mental health and addictions, as well as at Canadian Heritage, where I advised on funding for capital projects. I later managed a non-profit that served youth, where I focused on improving financial management and reporting. Later, as a management consultant to various community-based non-profits, I led projects in strategic planning, capital planning and budgeting. A favourite project was creating an operating budget for a new $20million music hall.
I know government and I have management and financial planning skills.

Arriving in Sooke, I volunteered as Vice-Chair of the Climate Action Committee. Using my knowledge of government processes and working in a community-based policy process, I developed the 7% Solution to reduce Sooke’s greenhouse gas emissions in line with Sooke's climate action target. The 7% Solution was approved unanimously by Council in June 2021. I have attended dozens of Council meetings, presented key recommendations to Council, and contributed to the Official Community Plan process, the District’s budget process and the Economic Development Strategy on behalf of committee working groups. Many of the wonderful community members I met along the way have urged me to run for Council.
I know how to work with the community, and how to be effective in local government.

I have the skills and experience to serve you on Council and I’m asking for your support. Because there isn’t another place like Sooke and I’m ready to help take care of it.

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